2013 : 3D Image Festival (Pol) Keynote about  S3D Forms of Narrative - Case study Souviens-Moi

2013 : Le 104 – Futur en Seine - Keynote S3D - Exploration about S3D and Sound, Case Study Souviens-Moi :  Binaural Sound Version / music and audio exploration

2013 : Le Cube – Keynote SD3 Creative, "Behind the scene" :  Souviens-Moi



2015 : Nanyang Technological University  - Singapore

Fonction : Day1 Lecture about storytelling and creative S3D -

Days 2&3 Artist and S3D expert - lead keynote and workshop  "First Step shooting material and S3D Grammar"




2014  :  Festival Beyond - 2 keynotes : Project CCFL3 Creative Europe

Creative S3D in Europ : Architectural Series for TV and Cinema- Case Study  "Cathedrals of Culture"

2013 : Palais de Tokyo - Push your Art (Fr) - Call for young visual artists for a S3D Exhibition

Fonction : member of the jury- lead stereographer - 3 days workshop for the selected 10 finalists /

Masterclass with W.Wenders Talking about Pina and If Buildings Could Talk...

2013 : La Fémis (Fr) : Initiation S3D as a different cinematographic grammar - department script

2014  : 3D Summit (GB) - 2 keynotes : Video Art & S3D - Case Study "Push Your Art "

Creative S3D and Production  : Architectural Series for TV and Cinema- Case Study  "Cathedrals of Culture"

2014 : Festival International Sao Paulo-Kinoforum - Brazil

Program special 3D, lecture 3D creative et narrative

Fonction : Presentation of a 3D shorts program - Lecture with Q&A about S3D Audio-visual grammar

2012 : Vancouver Emily Carr University (Ca), keynote & workshop - 3D Artistic and Narrative forms

2011 :  HFBK Hamburg (Ger) - S3D Keynote and Stereographer - short films shooting cession Wim Wenders' students

2009-11 : France (Fr) : S3D Expert and trainer several workshops  First steps « S3D live shooting » : TSF, Cifap, LocaRed, Dimension3 …

2012 : ZKM Karlsrhue University (Gr)

Fonction : S3D expert and trainer - 3 days keynotes and workshop for Cathedrals of Culture's directors-DoP and students of the University

2014 :  3D StereoMedia (Bel) - 2 Keynotes : Cross Channel Film Lab initiative for creative and exploration for Directors and Script Writers, in a European Mid budget developping S3D Long Feature Films

Interesting Case for Creative&Narrative S3D for Tv and Cinema : Cathedrals of Culture

2015 :  3D StereoMedia (Cannes FR) -  Keynote Creative & Innovative S3D in Europ : Initiatives and Artists -

Wim Wenders and his innovative et creative S3D Cinema : example his latest fiction drama Every Thing Will Be Fine

2014  : 3D CIANT (Tch) workshop 3D Creative et Narrative - 1 day Lead speaker as Artist and S3D Expert

2013 : 3D StereoMedia (Bel) 2 keynotes :  S3D Sens of Tactilness - Case Study Souviens-Moi : Exploration about S3D Staging

Souviens-Moi & the Specific Sound :  Binaural Sound Version / music and audio exploration

2012-14 : Cross Channel Film Lab  CCFL 1 &2 - France and UK

3 workshops running during 8 months : Keynotes, Theory and Experimentation, sharing creative and researches S3D and VFX for low to mid budget. The Lab is an R&D project that will develop feature films alongside new technology, linking diverse partners during the writing process.

Fonction : Active S3D Consultant during the 3 workshops, lead S3D expert for the "shooting" workshop (Director of Stereography)

2015 : ZKM Karlsruhe University (Gr) - Workshop and creative S3D Narrative with Professor Pfanz's  students

Fonction :   Artist and S3D expert - lead keynote and "Experimentation" workshop

2016-2018  : Honorary professor University of Art and Design, Karlsruhe, Germany

2015 december :  3D StereoMedia (Bel) - 2 Keynotes

Cinema stereoscopic : the corporeality of 3D  and its storytelling

VR 3D 360° : case study fiction I Philip, directed by Pierre Zandrowicz - Okio Studio

2015 : The European Graduate School - Switzerland

storytelling and creative S3D - invited by Wim Wenders to talk about Alain Derobe's Natural Method and our collaboration

2015 : Festival International Mostra Sao Paulo  - Brazil

Presentation of the architectural series :  Cathedrals of Culture and masterclass

2016 : Paris Image Digital Summit - PIDS  - Paris France

Carte Blanche Program of 3D creative shorts, doc and experimental  

2016 : 3IT VR Hands On Event - Fraunhofer Institute Berlin (Gr) -

Workshop New Narrative forms with 3D 360° VR - Virtual Reality

Fonction :   Workshop speaker as Artist and S3D expert