2016 : Les Beaux Jours d'Aranjuez, by Wim Wenders/ Director of stereography / in post-production

2015 : Every Thing Will Be Fine,  by  Wim Wenders / Director of stereography / Berlinale Festival 2015

2014 : Minuscule & Valley of Lost Ants, by T.Szabo and H.Giraud / Director stereography (from 2012) / César « Best Animation » 2015

2014 : Cathedrals of Culture : Wim Wenders, Robert Redford, Karim Ainouz, Michael Glavogger, Michael Madsen, Margret Olin.    Architectural series 6X26mn for TV and Cinema / Director of stereography / Berlinale Festival 2014.

2012 : Astérix et Obélix, on her majesty's service, by L.Tirard  / Main stereographer & 3D post-prod supervisor (DoS: Alain Derobe)

2011 : Pina, by Wim Wenders / Main stereographer (DoS: Alain Derobe) / Berlinale Festival, Oscar Nominated Documentary

2011 : Searex I-Max, by R.Chapalain and P.Vuong  / Stereographer 2 shooting cessions (DoS Ronan Chapalain)


2017 : "Noces de Cana" and "Les Menines" VR 360° CGI 3D / Les Poissons Volants, Arte Creative, RMN / Supervisor 3D

2016 : Altération VR 360° 3D byJerome Blanquet / Okio / 3D Fiction - native live picture 3D / Consulting 3D

2016 : St Antoine Tentation VR 360° 3D CGI by Carlos Franklin / Poissons Volants /  Stereographer et scénography 3D  

2016 : Living Paris de M.Réihac, P.Cattan, J.Derobe / VR 360° 3D native /  Small Bang / Direction 3D

2016 : I Philip, by Pierre Zandrovicz / 3D scenography, consulting (fiction 360° VR 3D)

2016 : Bataille des Vénètes, by Gallien Chalanet-Quercy/ Director of stereography (museography 4D)

2015 : Merce Cunningham, by Alla Covgan/ Director of stereography (pilot)

2015 : Entrevoir, by Delphine Lanson / director of stereography (pilot)

2014 : Eve, by Eric Gandois / Director of stereography (short)

2013 : Forget me not, by Joséphine Derobe/ 12 rewards (short)

2011 : Diary of a Fridge, by Joséphine Derobe, live & stop motion /8 rewards (short)

2008 : Tiffauges by  François Garnier / Stereographer (DoS A.Derobe) / (museography)

2007 : Scorpène by François Garnier / Assistant stereographer (I-max pilot)

2006 : Réveil Géants d'Auvergne, by François Garnier/ Assistant stereographer (museography)


2016 : Portrait (e)Mouvant, by Joséphine Derobe (3D interactive installation) residency in CDA Enghien for the Biennal Bains Numeriques #9

2015 : Another Window, by Joséphine Derobe (3D video & spictures B&W ) February-March -Girls8- Espace des Femmes Galery, Paris

2014 : Beautiful Night Birds, by Joséphine Derobe, street art performance (video & clip). Art StudioK Galery, Belleville Biennale, Paris

2014 : Triple Effet, by Joséphine Derobe, 3D installation for street-artists : Wuze, 2Rode, Lazoo. Art StudioK Galery, Belleville Biennale, Paris

2010 : If Buildings could talk, by Wim Wenders/ Stereographer (DoS A.Derobe) / Exhibition Arsenal - Architectural Vennezia Biennale, Italy


Joséphine Derobe

Independent Director, Artist and Author, she is involved in S3D Creative Storytelling, Cinema, Visual Art...

she developed her projects in parallel of her stereographer activity in cinema -Wim Wenders' 3D Every Thing Will..., Cathedrals.. Pina and other films Minuscule, Asterix IV...  

After studied journalism school, she worked as press reporter and photographer. In 2006, she started working several years with Alain Derobe, a pioneer in S3D.

She shared then continues to enhance his 3D Natural Depth Method.

Joséphine is involved in Researches & Creatives 3D, she does lectures and workshops -international events, art and cinema school, universities... to explore new territories with S3D

* Direction of stereography (DoS ): supervising  S3D creative and technical from the pre-prodution, shooting and post-production until the final step of 3D grading.